The Old Post Office Bears

Artist Bears Designed by Dawn Jellis-Jones

 Bears for Adoption

About the Bears

All my little bears are loosely and fully jointed. Each one is filled with polyester and heavily weighted with steel shot and comes with traditional black glass eyes and a stitched and waxed nose, They have cotton paws and are sympathetically and carefully aged to give them a vintage and worn look. The bears clothes are usually made from vintage fabrics and I always source genuine antique lace.  You will also find that I add Victorian and Edwardian accessories to give your bear an authentic feel. Your special bear will have a sewn in tag, and a swing tag with all his or her important details,  You will also find I sign every swing tag on the back.  Your special bear will arrive packaged with care in tissue and placed in a box.

Please Note

All background accessories are not include with your bear unless otherwise stated.

Postage and Packaging Charges


Europe £15.55

Rest of World £18.55

Your bear will be sent fully tracked and signed wherever possible.

Please contact me for postage costs if you wish to adopt more than one bear.



Sorry I have now been ADOPTED and I’m going to live in Germany

6.5 Inches

This is Harlow and she is my first bear of 2021. She comes with her silk and Victorian lace dress, a beautiful soft black felt hat and to accessories her, I have added a tiny Victorian Leather Sovereign Purse.  She wears a little glass bead brooch and around her neck she wears a tiny string of seed pearls.  


                                        Adoption Fee £375


10 Inches

This is Raphael and she is my last bear of 2020. Raphael comes with her silk angel wings, which have been hand sewn with little individual seed pearls. She wears a halo of mulberry paper and silk flowers, which have then been embellished with gold braid. Around her waist she has gold braid and very fine gold threads to compliment her head band.

If you are in the UK then there is just enough time to receive her before Christmas

                                         Adoption Fee £410


Eira (Welsh for Snow)

Sorry I have now been ADOPTED

 and will be living here in the UK

10 Inches

This is Eira. She's a beautiful angel bear hoping to find a home. in time for Christmas. Eira comes with her silk angel wings that have been hand stitched with tiny seed pearls, a halo made from mulberry paper flowers, and silk dress made with layers of tulle.  To complete her look she comes with a string  of delicate pearls and a small hallmarked sterling silver charm attached to her waist.

Adoption Fee £410


Sorry I am now RESERVED and will be going to live in Germany

4 Inches

This is Tempie. She's a tiny girl at just 4 inches. Approx. Half the length of a post card.  She wears her hat in red silk, which has been finished with tiny mulberry paper rose buds and a dress made from very fine delicate antique lace, scattered with little hearts.  Around her neck she has a silk ruff and tiny a fine string of pearls.

Adoption Fee £285


Audric Baillard

Sorry I have now been ADOPTED and will be living here in the U.K.

10 Inches

This is Audric Baillard wearing his military tailcoat made from pure black linen, fully lined and  finished with tiny brass buttons.  He has a matching military hat with little antiqued brass jingle bells and a Victorian button. Around his neck he has a pale pink antique lace ruff which is finished with a silk ribbon.  To complete this handsome boy he comes with a beautiful tiny Victorian leather sovereign purse.

Adoption Fee £410




6.5 Inches

This is Alliette and she is made from genuine Antique German Mohair.  She is dressed in silk and antique lace with a hat  made from linen, silk  and edged with vintage trim.  To complete her look she has the smallest antique lace pin attached to her hat, a tiny string of pearls  and a sweet little Victorian Leather Sovereign Purse. Her dress is trimmed with small mulberry paper roses indelicate pastel shades.

                                           Adoption Fee £375


Sorry I have been ADOPTED and will be going to live In Germany 

10 inches

This is Pelletier looking very regal in his fully lined pure silk tailcoat, finished with antique lace at the cuffs and little brass buttons. He wears an antique lace ruffle around his neck and black silk ribbons and of course carries his Leather Antique Victorian Sovereign Purse. To make this boy really special, he has been crafted from genuine antique black mohair and his nose has been stitched and waxed in a deep red to compliment his look.

Adoption fee £410 + P&P



 Little Victorian Shoe INCLUDED

Sorry I have been ADOPTED and will be going to live in Belgium

4 Inches

This is sweet little Angelica and she comes wearing her little vest of silk and antique lace, tiny paper mulberry flowers at her waist and a tiny string of pearls.  She also wears her tiny silk angel wings which have been hand stitched with tiny seed pearls. Angelica also comes sitting in the sweetest little Victorian shoe made from a rich red/brown leather.

  Adoption Fee £310

Lucy and Lilly (Lockdown)

Sorry Lucy and Lilly are both now 

ADOPTED and going to live in the 


10 inches and 5 inches

I am happy for these to be adopted together or separately.  This is Lucy and Lilly Lockdown.! Both girls are made from genuine antique mohair and come dressed in pure linen nurse outfits.  Lucy wears a vintage enamel British Red Cross Badge and comes with her vintage bandage.  Little Lilly is dressed the same and also comes with a vintage bandage tied up with silk.

Lucy Adoption Fee £410 + P&P

Lilly Adoption Fee £335 + P&P

or £725 for the pair


4.5 inches

Elspeth is the sweetest little girl. She measures just over four inches and wears a little dress made from silk and antique lace, trimmed with pale pink ribbon and tiny mulberry paper rose buds around her waist.

Underneath her little dress you will find her silk knickers with ruffles of pink silk.

To finish her look she wears a silk ribbon around her head and a Victorian miniature carved bone ring with brass bell.

 Adoption fee £335 + P&P

Nellie and Oscar


I will be living in the USA




Josiah and Pip

6 Inches and 2 Inches

Josiah is made from genuine black vintage plush and tiny little Pip is made from black linen.  Josiah comes dressed in his pale gold silk tailcoat and wears a pale blue antique lace ruff with a vintage brass bell around his neck. Pip wears a silk ruff and tiny brass buttons. 

Adoption fee £450 + P&P



 6.5 Inches

Seymour is a beautiful sailor, wearing his fully lined, hand dyed, french linen jacket.  His jacket has little antique brass buttons and is finshed off with contrasting ribbons.  Around his neck he wears a Victorian photo locket with a pictutre of hs sweetheart.  

Adoption fee £365 + P&P

Postage and Packaging Charges


Europe £14.55

Rest of World £17.55

Your bear will be sent fully tracked and signed wherever possible.

Please contact me for postage costs if you wish to adopt more than one bear